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Welcome to the Through Her Eyes Project Blog!

We are so excited to relaunch the Through Her Eyes Project website, and share with you all of the new things we are working on as we take the project into the next year. One of the most important parts of this project is sharing stories and creating a space for cross cultural collaboration.

And, we can't do this without you.

So, we are asking you to be part of the project in any way you can. If you can start by sharing your story - do that! Each month we will profile one person, from young girls who play on their local school teams, to professional athletes, to moms who started a Sunday soccer league, and learn how sports has changed them.

Contribute on the SHARE YOUR STORY page, and you'll have a chance to be profiled.

Check out the powerful words of Nancy Aguinda, one of the young women we met in Ecuador, on how practicing her sport of Tae Kwon Do makes her feel.

When I am out there nothing else matters. All of my problems disappear, and I feel powerful...Many times I was told not to play, but it is our right, too.
— Nancy Aguinda, Age 17/Tae Kwon Do/Tena, Ecuador