There is a great deal of machisimo to deal with. But we are always fighting, little by little to make a way and show that we are equals. We have to tell each other that we can do it.
— Miriam Ramon, Fast Walker
In the beginning people came because they thought it was rare to see a woman coaching. Many people said a woman couldn’t do it, but we did...My objective is not to create fighters but to help form human beings.
— Margarita Pico, Tae Kwon Do Coach
We have strength, just like them. Sports has taught me that.
— Gabriela Chalá, 19 years old, Track and Field
It was very hard for us to enter into sports. Women have only recently been able to enter into other career areas and now they are more accepting. We can be in the military, we can be architects and today we have become involved in every level of society. But, we must pass on to our young people that they have the capacity to do and be whatever they want....You have to pass many barriers and be brave, but we have the capacity to do it.
— Elizabet Velapucha, Basketball coach and player