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Global Running Day 2017 - Celebrate the right to run!

The ability to lace up my shoes, run out my door and find solace, sweat, sights, and serenity all in a matter of minutes is what led me to become a runner.

An athlete my whole life, I always thought running was just part of training for something else. If I was running, I wanted a ball in my hand, or at my foot, or a cone to run to and from. But, when I stopped playing college sports, running became a lifeline. It was my way to churn out some miles while watching the world, clear my head, and get a nice workout in.

Over the years I have missed the great camaraderie of team sports, and the thrill of a win or sting of a loss. But, there is something freeing and powerful about the ability to take off with little more than your clothes and shoes, and pound the pavement.

In some countries, girls and women don't have the ability to do what I do on almost a daily basis. Today, lace up those shoes, open the door, and run for yourself and for girls and women around the world who may not have the opportunity, or feel safe enough to do the same. And then, join us in our movement to make sure that girls and women around the world have this right.

Here is something to keep in mind as you head out the door: most big things start with the smallest thing, one step. So take a step today, and then another, and then another, and let's get running and changing this world together.