These are the voices, dreams, and thoughts of girls and women around the world.

We’re here to lead them. To let them know that this is for them. To give them a place to learn and to feel like they can do it. We’re their leaders, when they don’t have leaders.
— Teacher at a school in Guayaquil, Ecuador


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Rosa Elena Moreta was the first indigenous woman to summit Cotapaxi, one of the tallest and most active volcanoes in the world. Although she lived her whole life surrounded by the mountains it was not until a Peace Corps volunteer living in her community invited her on a trek, that she attempted her first climb. After reaching the summit, she returned to her community with new goals, and aspiration to do much more than she ever imagined. "I realized these four walls did not need to contain me," she said while sitting in her white walled home. When she returned to her community, many women questioned why she wanted to climb mountains. "I had lived beside this mountain my whole life, and I had never even imagined climbing it, why not?" In 2002 she was elected leader of her community, the first woman ever to hold that position. "When you practice sports a person maintains a healthy mind, a healthy body. You have more agility, you develop more in the area as a person, your person. You are not closed in your house all day doing nothing. You are occupied and you develop more each day.”

Sports are a large road that can open many doors. In our culture the problem is that people don’t recognize that they can change the world if they want to.
— Margalina Pico, Coach, Doctor, Mother