We pass on the skills of how to tell one’s own story, and the power that comes from doing so. Through a visual storytelling curriculum and teaching sessions in each country we visit and communities in the U.S., we pass on the tools to tell stories by sharing with girls and women the basics of how to tell their own stories and the stories of the people in their lives. Through lessons in writing, reporting, photography, video, and social media, the girls and women gain skills that enable them to continue spreading the news, achievements, struggles, and triumphs that are many times ignored by traditional media, even after The Through Her Eyes Project leaves. 

Partnering with other nonprofits who have done education in this area, we have developed our own curriculum, to pass on the power of what it means to tell your own story and the story of those around you.

We want to have a lasting impact.  We collaborate and work with the girls and women who we meet, to ensure that a diversity in voices are being heard and listened to. When this happens, change can happen.

The future is feminine . . . Women are able to achieve and succeed when they have support.
— Luis Chocho, Ecuadorian Coach